My Old Personal Advertisement



Before I knew the joys of wedded bliss, I would seek companionship in the classified section of Newspapers and online. Since I can no longer use this, I wanted to post one last time..

Well spoken, good looking, salt and pepper haired hazel eyed Professional seeking abundantly Rich Woman (beautiful, please) to shower me with money and drinks poolside. I in return will answer phones, skim/ clean the pool area, and check all dates on perishable food in fridge, and I am SURE to enrage your Ex Husband. I am an expert at playing with dogs, and can identify many illegal drugs by smell alone. I can manage two intimate sessions daily, but this requires extra sleep and medications, so price will be subject to change. If you are missing the feeling of coming home to someone already poolside with a drink, look no further, I am your man. I also make a great “drinking buddy” and several other services depending on my level of sobriety. I am also a Writer, peripatetic, and a man about town